RAKWIN, the ultimate anti-theft device for your smartphone

The best of connected technology concentrated in a revolutionary key ring.

Acts in the first few seconds - Strikes thieves by surprise

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Experience a phone theft as a victim and then as an attacker.
See the effectiveness of RAKWIN !

Our "3S-commitment"


RAKWIN avoids you any direct or violent confrontation.


With RAKWIN, it's the thieves who have to worry !


RAKWIN activated, you don't have to do anything anymore, everything works by itself.

How does it work ?

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Convinced? Order your connected anti-theft RAKWIN key ring now and take advantage of our exceptional launch offer !


Find here the answers to the most common questions about RAKWIN.
If your question remains unanswered, please consult our detailed FAQ.

  • Is there a subscription to pay or any commitment ?
    Absolutely not! The RAKWIN anti-theft keyring is free of charge, without subscription, without obligation and without any additional costs.
  • Which smartphones are compatible ?
    ANDROID : all smartphones with Android 7 and above
    IOS : all iPhones with iOS 10 and above (iPhone 5 and above)

    Models on which anti-theft reactivity issues can be observed : Huawei Honor 6X, Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini
  • What about my personal data ?
    RAKWIN does not collect any personal data at all.
  • I have a technical problem, what should I do?
    A more specific technical FAQ is available here.
    If, despite everything, you do not find the answer to your question there, do not hesitate to contact us via the form below.

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